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Dan Mangru on What It Means to Be Free – The Mangru Moment – The Mangru Report on Fox Business February 7, 2011

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At the conclusion of The Mangru Report’s coverage of Freedom Fest, Dan Mangru sits down for an introspective look on what it means to be free and how Americans should be exercising the right that so many gave their lives for.


Steve Forbes FreedomFest Interview:

The Lost Peter Schiff Interview – Freedom Fest 2010 January 18, 2011

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Originally filmed on July 8, 2010, this exclusive Dan Mangru interview with Peter Schiff, conducted at FreedomFest 2010 in Las Vegas, was broadcast on Fox Business but then was thought to be lost forever until now. Now view what former U.S. Senate Candidate and Euro-Pacific Capital President Peter Schiff thinks about freedom and the state of our nation.

Election Wrap Up – Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, LTC(R) Allen West, Peter Schiff & More November 4, 2010

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With the election results finally winding down, it’s time to look back at some of our favorite candidate interviews and how they fared in the 2010 elections.

Marco Rubio – Candidate for U.S. Senate – Florida  (Won)


Carly Fiorina – Candidate for U.S. Senate – California (Lost)

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Allen West – Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives – Florida (Won)


Peter Schiff – Candidate for U.S. Senate – Connecticut (Lost in Primary)

Joseph Abruzzo – Candidate for Florida House of Representatives – (Won)

Rep. Carl Domino – Candidate for Florida Senate – (Lost in Primary)


Buy and Hold Still Holds – John Browne Commentary September 5, 2010

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Buy and Hold Still Holds
By:John Browne
Thursday, September 2, 2010

As Americans have justifiably lost faith in the stock market, the classic buy-and-hold investment strategy has fallen from favor. The problem is that retail investors are wrongly equating the performance of stocks as a class with the trajectory of American stocks in particular. Fortunately, buy-and-hold still works in many parts of the world. If you are an American, just don’t try it at home.

The US market is in sorry shape. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 are presently no higher than they were 12 years ago. If you factor in 12 years worth of inflation, then these results are abysmal. Although American stocks have gone nowhere, extreme economic stress has nevertheless created huge swings of volatility. During the past decade, US stocks have surged 50%, plunged by similar amounts, and then risen and fallen again.

To be a successful player in such a volatile, directionless market requires the kind of knowledge and vigilance that only the best financial professionals possess. The key to trading is the flexibility to make very short-term movements in and out of stocks and sectors, combined with rigorous sell discipline. Oftentimes it means placing a short-term bet on a company and sector even if one believes the move makes no long-term sense. As these capacities are not common among retail investors, who can blame them for heading to the exits?

While attention is often showered on the traders who find success with short-term momentum plays, less attention is paid to fundamental economic growth, which is, after all, the main reason that rank-and-file investors profit from the market. A growing economy lifts all boats, and brings buy-and-hold investors along for the ride.

In recent times, the long-term trend of a massive shift in growth from American and European developed economies to emerging economies, especially to China, has benefitted greatly the buy-and-hold strategies of investors following that mega-trend. I believe that this trend will likely continue over the long-term. I also believe that emerging-market stocks will not be as vulnerable to the next downturn in US stocks as they were in 2008.

Recent conclusions from a number of high-profile research organizations support this forecast. According to IMF estimates, developing economies’ debt will average about 40 percent of their gross domestic product this year, compared with 107 percent in advanced economies. The IMF believes that this comparatively lower debt burden will help the developing economies grow 6.4 percent as a group in 2011, greatly surpassing the 2.4 percent expansion expected in the developed world.

According to Morgan Stanley, emerging-market companies are finding better opportunities to reinvest their earnings, producing a return on equity of 14.8 percent, compared with 10.2 percent in the developed world. *

However, despite this tremendous growth and profitability, shares in the emerging markets remain at attractive valuations relative to the mature economies. In fact, data compiled by Bloomberg shows that for the past decade, except for the 10-month period ending in May 2008 (right before the crisis began), emerging-market shares consistently traded at lower earnings multiples than developed markets. The MSCI Emerging Markets Index has traded at an average discount of about 30 percent to the MSCI World Index during the past 10 years, the data show.  *

Buy-and-hold remains a viable strategy for foreign stock investing at current valuations. The popular alternative, keeping savings in US bank accounts and bonds, is an increasingly risky strategy, in my opinion. While a natural recession would benefit savers and bondholders, as decreasing prices make a penny saved into a penny earned, the US government is determined to continue intervening in the market.

Washington, whether it is controlled by Democrats or Republicans, is unlikely to ever suffer the political consequences of stepping back in the face of recession. So, even while some form of austerity is sorely needed, it is extremely unlikely to be enacted.

Instead, more useless economic stimulus is likely to materialize. While huge infusions of government spending will create the short-term illusion of recovery, the result most likely will be greatly increased taxes, massive debt increases, a further lurch from private-sector wealth creation toward public consumption – and, finally, debasement of the US dollar.

So, retail investors sitting in US bonds and bank accounts will ultimately pay a steep price through inflation. The answer, it seems, is not to abandon stocks, but rather US stocks. Not to abandon buy-and-hold, but to adopt buy-and-hold-elsewhere. And if you were never a stock buyer, there’s always the security of physical precious metals.

For the full text of the article CLICK HERE NOW.

Watch Steve Forbes, Peter Schiff, & More This Saturday And Sunday On Our Special Freedom Fest 2010 Episode July 26, 2010

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The wait is over.  This weekend, The Mangru Report will be airing its highly anticipated Freedom Fest 2010 episode.

You’ll be able to watch Dan Mangru’s exclusive one-on-one interviews with Steve Forbes, Chairman and CEO of Forbes Inc., and Peter Schiff, President of Euro-Pacific Capital and current U.S. Senate Candidate from Connecticut.

We will also feature expert panel commentary from:

Adrian Day, Adrian Day Asset Management
Jack Dzierwa, U.S. Global Investors
Lou Petrossi, Wealth Research Institute
Frank Trotter, Everbank

Join The Mangru Report at Freedom Fest this Thursday and Friday in Las Vegas July 6, 2010

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The Mangru Report will be front and center at the 2010 Freedom Fest Conference to be held this Thursday July 8-Sunday July 11. Our very own Dan Mangru will be moderating the Alternative Investing Panel with commentators David McAlvany, Terry Coxon, Robert Eadie, Van Simmons, & Jack Reed, as well as the Where in the World to Invest panel with Frank Trotter, Adrian Day, Lou Petrossi, & Frank Holmes.

Dan will also be joined at Freedom Fest for a special episode taping of the show by John Browne of Euro-Pacific Capital, Anthony Pulieri of United Bullion Group, and Rick Rule of Global Resource Investments. If you haven’t made plans to attend Freedom Fest, don’t waste another second and CLICK HERE NOW.

Also attending Freedom Fest will be Steve Forbes, Peter Schiff, Bert Dohmen, John Mackey, Bob Baumann, Dinesh D’Souza, Doug Casey, and Charles Gasparino.

As a special treat for you, we’ve lined up our best clips with Freedom Fest speakers including Freedom Fest Founder Dr. Mark Skousen.  Enjoy.

Join The Mangru Report Insiders Club TODAY – ABSOLUTELY FREE May 15, 2010

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Thanks for watching The Mangru Report.  We work very hard to give you multiple viewpoints on real issues that effect your financial life.  We’ve brought to you the insights of people such as Dr. Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Peter Schiff, Carly Fiorina, Ken Fisher, Bert Dohmen, John Browne, Anthony Pulieri, and Grover Norquist.  As a thank you to all of our viewers we are offering membership into The Mangru Report Insiders Club ABSOLUTELY FREE.  Inside the club you’ll get first access to all of Dan Mangru’s cutting edge interviews, as well as web only exclusives.  Just look to the right of your screen and fill in your email address to sign up today.

Taxation By Representation – The Mangru Report – Episode 2 May 13, 2010

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The Mangru Report Panel comprised of John Browne (Euro-Pacific Capital), Anthony Pulieri ( United Bullion Group ), and Nicholas Brack (Aduro Asset Group) discuss an upcoming global bank tax, what caused the banking crisis, the potential of structured bailouts under the financial reform bill, an additional consumer tax and the implications of a value added tax (VAT) on America in this Taxation By Representation segment of The Mangru Report, hosted by Dan Mangru.

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Peter Schiff One-on-One with Dan Mangru – The Mangru Report – Episode 2 May 10, 2010

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Dan Mangru of The Mangru Report interviews U.S. Senate Candidate and President of Euro-Pacific Capital Peter Schiff. In the One-on-One interview with Mangru they discuss everything from Housing, why we are not in a recovery, the investment purpose of gold, how unemployment spending is leading to more inflation and why Peter Schiff is a different kind of candidate for Connecticut.

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Bert Dohmen Talks Blackbox Trading & Deflation on The Mangru Report Today May 8, 2010

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As electronic trading is taking over the market, Dan Mangru will interview Bert Dohmen, Founder of Dohmen Capital and Author of The Wellington Letter, on his views about electronic or blackbox trading.  In addition, they will also discuss the dangers of deflation, as well as a potential return to mark-to-market accounting which could send the Dow spiraling back to 6000 and the S&P as low as 600.  Be sure to tune in today, Saturday May 8 at 5:30 p.m. to Fox Business Network to catch this interview as well as interviews with Peter Schiff of Euro-Pacific Capital and Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments.