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Healthy School Lunches – Taxation By Representation – The Mangru Report on Fox Business October 12, 2010

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As Congress continues to debate a new bill to implement healthy school lunches across the country (HR 5504, Improving Nutrition for America’s Children Act), The Mangru Report panel of experts composed of John Browne (Euro-Pacific Capital), Anthony Pulieri (United Bullion Group), and Jim Knight (The Knight Group) discusses the merits of the bill and whether this is solving an epidemic problem or just more government spending.

The panel also weighs whether the healthy school lunches should be income based as opposed to being distributed to all students, whether food stamps should be cut to pay for it, whether physical fitness programs should accompany the healthy lunches, and whether the government should be intruding further into our lives.

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Exclusive: Breaking News – New Deal Extends Bush Tax Cuts for 2 More Years October 6, 2010

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*** This is a breaking news alert from The Mangru Report ***

Our sources in Washington D.C. have just informed us that Republican Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner has reached an agreement to extend the Bush tax cuts across the board for an additional two years. The vote on the measure will be taken before the election.

Keeping the Bush tax cuts in place for all Americans keeps the personal income tax brackets from rising roughly 5% for all income classes, but more importantly keeps capital gains taxes and dividend taxes at 15% instead of raising them to 20% and 39.6% repsectively.

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Episode Clips – The Mangru Report Episodes 8-11 July 12, 2010

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We’ve received a couple of emails asking about when the clips from recent episodes will be posted online. We are happy to let everyone know that all clips from Episodes 8-11 are now up on our YouTube page. In the meantime, we will start posting the best clips throughout the week here on The Mangru Report website.

Episode 11 – Global Gains

Watch The Mangru Report Panel of Experts Discuss the Economic Impact of The World Cup

Episode 11 – “More Of” or “Moron”

Episode 11 – The Mangru Moment – On Sacrifice

Grover Norquist One-on-One – The Mangru Report – Episode 3 May 18, 2010

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Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, talks with Dan Mangru of The Mangru Report and debunks some of the common myths associated with Obama’s tax agenda. Norquist reveals why a VAT tax will never replace any existing tax, how healthcare wasn’t even scored properly by the CBO before it was passed, why Americans can’t afford Obama’s healthcare, comments on Carly Fiorina’s jobs plan, and which taxes to lower in order to boost job creation.