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Regulation Nation – Outsourcing in America – The Mangru Report Episode 21 October 26, 2010

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As election season is in full gear, and politicians ramp up the political rhetoric on how outsourcing has killed jobs in America, The Mangru Report Panel of experts takes a hard look at whether outsourcing is a negative or a positive thing for America.

The Mangru Report Panel of Experts composed of Anthony Pulieri (Joseph Glenn Commodities), John Browne (Euro Pacific Capital), and Jim Knight (The Knight Group) discuss the differences in wages in foreign countries, the influence of unions, unfair government subsidies from foreign nations, the difference in technical skills between the U.S. workforce and countries like China & India, backwards tax incentives that keep U.S. jobs overseas for fear of high U.S. taxation, the influence of cheaper goods and it’s effect on the U.S. standard of living, and why companies are moving more of their operations overseas.

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Lou Pritchett Interview with Dan Mangru – The Mangru Report on Fox Business – Episode 20 October 6, 2010

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Retired Corporate Executive Lou Pritchett set off a national firestorm with his eloquent “You Scare Me” open letter to President Barack Obama.  Since he wrote it millions of Americans have passed it along online and it has made Lou a Tea Party favorite. 

As one of the pioneers of partnering and a major business partner of Sam Walton of Wal-Mart, Lou Pritchett discusses why it’s important to have business experience in government.  Pritchett also tells Dan Mangru what he would have done if he were president to General Motors, how America can use it’s intellectual resources to be better, how to operate a small business in a recession, small business outsourcing, and whether the Tea Party should just “amuse” President Obama. 

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Grover Norquist One-on-One – The Mangru Report – Episode 3 May 18, 2010

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Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, talks with Dan Mangru of The Mangru Report and debunks some of the common myths associated with Obama’s tax agenda. Norquist reveals why a VAT tax will never replace any existing tax, how healthcare wasn’t even scored properly by the CBO before it was passed, why Americans can’t afford Obama’s healthcare, comments on Carly Fiorina’s jobs plan, and which taxes to lower in order to boost job creation.