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Lou Pritchett Interview with Dan Mangru – The Mangru Report on Fox Business – Episode 20 October 6, 2010

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Retired Corporate Executive Lou Pritchett set off a national firestorm with his eloquent “You Scare Me” open letter to President Barack Obama.  Since he wrote it millions of Americans have passed it along online and it has made Lou a Tea Party favorite. 

As one of the pioneers of partnering and a major business partner of Sam Walton of Wal-Mart, Lou Pritchett discusses why it’s important to have business experience in government.  Pritchett also tells Dan Mangru what he would have done if he were president to General Motors, how America can use it’s intellectual resources to be better, how to operate a small business in a recession, small business outsourcing, and whether the Tea Party should just “amuse” President Obama. 

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The Mangru Moment – Episode 9 – The Mangru Report July 19, 2010

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If you’ve ever wondered who’s behind the Cap-And-Trade Agenda, this is a video that you have to watch.  Watch Dan Mangru’s revealing “Mangru Moment”  about Franklin Raines from Episode 9 of The Mangru Report.

It appears that while he was the CEO of Fannie Mae Franklin Raines developed a system for the trading residential carbon emissions, or what we now know as Cap-and-Trade.  Since he was working for Fannie Mae, technically Fannie Mae owned the patent to the Cap-and-Trade system.  But after Raines shamefully resigned his post he filed a second patent application which superceded the first one, and give him and his partners the sole patent on Cap-and-Trade and removed any claims to the patent by Fannie Mae’s or the taxpayers.

Carly Fiorina One-on-One with Dan Mangru May 4, 2010

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From Episode 1 of The Mangru Report, here’s Dan Mangru’s one-on-one interview with former CEO and Chairman of Hewlett-Packard (HP), and current Republican U.S. Senate Candidate from California, Carly Fiorina. During this interview Mangru challenges Fiorina to lay out a clear plan for jobs, clarify and why she was for and now is against cap-and-trade. Fiorina also shares with Mangru how faith, family, and the inspiration of others helped her during some of her most difficult times including her battle with breast cancer.