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War On Your Dollar – Bernanke’s September Surprise – The Mangru Report on Fox Business – Episode 20 October 7, 2010

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Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke recently announced that the recovery was not as strong as originally thought, the U.S. did not have enough inflation, and that the Fed would increase it’s debt purchases & inject more money into the system.

Watch Dan Mangru, John Browne (Euro-Pacific Capital), Anthony Pulieri (United Bullion Group), and Michael Solomon (Author, Where Did My America Go?) discuss how the dollar is being devalued, how Bernanke has created the perfect storm for gold, why China is not buying U.S. debt, and whether there is too much hype and excitement in the gold market.

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Bert Dohmen One-on-One Interview with Dan Mangru May 17, 2010

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Dan Mangru of The Mangru Report interviews Dohmen Capital Research Founder Bert Dohmen. In the One-on-One interview with Mangru they discuss everything from why deflation is the bigger threat than inflation, why gold will go down during deflation, black box trading, the top of the market and the expected pullback, plus a possible return of mark-to-market accounting . (Interview from Episode 2 of The Mangru Report).

Bert Dohmen Talks Blackbox Trading & Deflation on The Mangru Report Today May 8, 2010

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As electronic trading is taking over the market, Dan Mangru will interview Bert Dohmen, Founder of Dohmen Capital and Author of The Wellington Letter, on his views about electronic or blackbox trading.  In addition, they will also discuss the dangers of deflation, as well as a potential return to mark-to-market accounting which could send the Dow spiraling back to 6000 and the S&P as low as 600.  Be sure to tune in today, Saturday May 8 at 5:30 p.m. to Fox Business Network to catch this interview as well as interviews with Peter Schiff of Euro-Pacific Capital and Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments.