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Thank the Lord. Osama Bin Laden is Dead May 1, 2011

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Thank the Lord, Bin Laden is dead. 

By Dan Mangru

Just as I was getting ready to go to bed, I heard late Sunday night that President Obama was going to address the nation.  Naturally, I thought to myself what could it be.  What couldn’t wait?

Could it be that we got the nuke from Iran?  Could it be that we got Quadaffi?

Nope.  Even better.

Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Almost 10 years ago, we all lost a little piece of ourselves.  Some lost family members.  Some lost jobs.  Others lost their livelihoods.  All of us lost a little piece of safety that came along with being an American.

I remember how I felt on that fateful 11th day in September.  Nothing was safe.

The Twin Towers that I grew up with in New York City were brought down.  The center of our national defense, the Pentagon was attacked, and one more plane was ready to attack the White House.

On that day, we lost sons and daughters, moms and dads, heroes and patriots.

Everything that we ever knew as Americans was thought to be in jeopardy.

All of this, the product of the vision of one man… Osama Bin Laden and his al-Qaeda organization.

And now that man is dead.  Shot down outside of Islamabad, Pakistan as a result of a U.S. covert operation.

Today we are not Democrats, we are not Republicans, we are Americans.  Retrieving Osama Bin Laden, dead or alive, has been our #1 priority for the last 10 years.

And whether you like George W. Bush or Barack Obama, today I pay gratitude to these two Commanders in Chief of our U.S. military.   George W. Bush started out the policy of ‘Dead or Alive’ for Osama Bin Laden and Barack Obama and our U.S. military was around to execute it.

Our resolve needed to be steadfast, and our commitment needed to be unwavering.  Even after almost 10 years, we could never give up.

First responders and rescue workers didn’t give up on that September morning.  Those heroes on United Flight 93 didn’t give up.  We owed it to them to do everything we could to bring those responsible for these attacked.

And our brave men and women in the armed forces and the intelligence community, did just that.  This was a multi-faceted, sophisticated, and complex effort.  Thank you to every troop, every covert officer, every volunteer, every American that did their part in helping to bring Bin Laden to justice.

Hopefully, all of those who have lost someone in 9/11 or all of the Americans who lost a little piece of our freedom can find some comfort to know that this man has been brought to justice.

While we can never be the same as we were on September 10, 2001, and cannot bring back those we lost, today can at least take a breath, and breathe a sigh of relief.

This is a great day to be an American.  Thank you and God Bless America.

No-money-down home loans … Say it ain’t so – Dan Mangru WorldNetDaily (WND) Commentary August 12, 2010

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No-money-down home loans … Say it ain’t so

By Dan Mangru

President Obama, say it ain’t so. Please, oh pretty please, tell me that this isn’t true. Tell Gibbsy to come out in his daily press briefing and say that this is just one giant joke that you guys have had out there for a couple of months just waiting for the media to find out about it.

I mean in that case, we could all sit down, have a “Beer Summit” and look back at this as a “teachable moment.” I’ve got a good sense of humor and I can certainly take a joke from Bam and the boys.

But, sadly, this is no joke.

Apparently, while we weren’t looking, Bam and the boys thought it would be a good idea to start giving away homes again, and when I say giving them away I mean giving them away, as in no money out of your pocket.

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Fannie Mae has established a new program called “Affordable Advantage.” It already has been implemented in Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Idaho with several more to come.

After doing some digging, I found out some choice bits of information about the program from the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority.

  • 100-percent financing for borrowers with excellent credit. A low-cost, 30-year fixed interest rate
  • As little as $1,000 cash out-of-pocket, reducing the amount of money borrowers need to close
  • Reduced mortgage fees, including no private mortgage insurance requirement
  • Job-loss payment protection, which covers up to six months of mortgage payments in the event of an involuntary job loss
  • The development authority’s Fannie Mae Advantage can be paired with the home-buyer’s tax credit
  • The development authority’s income and purchase-price limits are substantially higher than previous years – as much as 10-13 percent – allowing more families and more homes to qualify for this loan.

Shocking. All of it.

To continue reading the rest of this article from Dan Mangru CLICK HERE NOW.

Dan Mangru Launches Featured Column on WorldNetDaily (WND) May 21, 2010

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Today WorldNetDaily (WND) launched the a new featured column from The Mangru Report’s own Dan Mangru.  During Dan Mangru’s WND column, he will explore where American tax dollars are going, how baby boomers can prepare for retirement, and what’s going on with you dollar and your money.  See below.

WorldNetDaily Exclusive

Entrepreneur launches new economy column
‘Mangru on Money’ to address what those in power don’t want you to know

Why subprime not even mentioned in ‘financial reform’ bill
Exclusive: Dan Mangru explains the latest cynical ‘Obama diversion’

Join The Mangru Report Insiders Club TODAY – ABSOLUTELY FREE May 15, 2010

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Thanks for watching The Mangru Report.  We work very hard to give you multiple viewpoints on real issues that effect your financial life.  We’ve brought to you the insights of people such as Dr. Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Peter Schiff, Carly Fiorina, Ken Fisher, Bert Dohmen, John Browne, Anthony Pulieri, and Grover Norquist.  As a thank you to all of our viewers we are offering membership into The Mangru Report Insiders Club ABSOLUTELY FREE.  Inside the club you’ll get first access to all of Dan Mangru’s cutting edge interviews, as well as web only exclusives.  Just look to the right of your screen and fill in your email address to sign up today.

The Mangru Report Begins Now May 1, 2010

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If you are ready to see a new kind of financial show, one that goes beyond the typical Democrat and Republican talking points, and gets down to real issues, then tune in to The Mangru Report (themangrureport.com) hosted by Dan Mangru, which airs this Saturday and Sunday (May 1 & 2) at 5:30 p.m. on Fox Business Network.

You can find Fox Business Network on DISH Network Channel 206, DirecTV Channel 359, Verizon Channel 117, and AT&T Channel 211. For all other cable networks (Comcast, Bright House, Cox, Charter, etc), please check your local listings.

Our guests for this first episode are Carly Fiorina (fmr CEO and Chairman of Hewlett-Packard/ US Senate Candidate from California) and Dr. Marc Faber (Author, The Gloom, Boom, and Doom Report).

Panelists will be: John Browne, former British Member of Parliament (MP) and Market Strategist for Euro-Pacific Capital, Anthony Pulieri from United Bullion Group, and Angelo Abbenante from The America Fund.

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Welcome to The Mangru Report March 8, 2010

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Think Fast Money Meets Glenn Beck Meets PTI. The Mangru Report is an engaging fast paced financial TV show that features captivating one-on-one interviews, rapid crossfire panel commentary, and in-depth financial reporting with a driven charismatic host.

The Mangru Report will be coming to a television set near you this May 2010.  So tune in to this site to find the latest news on the show, market analysis from The Mangru Report Experts, recent show clips, The Mangru Report insider information, and much much more.

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