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America is in crisis. Our government is spending trillions upon trillions of dollars and has ballooned our national debt to over $12 trillion. On average that number is only expected to increase by about $1 trillion per year over the next 5 years. To keep up with wasteful spending, the Federal Reserve has turned on the printing press in a manner unseen since the days of Gutenberg. While Americans can’t get a loan if they gave up their first born, banks are essentially borrowing money for free from the Federal Reserve (essentially funded by us the taxpayers) and padding their balance sheets to make record profits once again.

The threat level of the US financial situation has escalated so high that other countries are now plotting to overturn the dollar as the world’s financial currency and move towards either a new global currency or a regionalized system. The effect on this to the US would be devastating. Each and every year businesses and governments purchase billions of US dollars in order to trade and purchase goods. If this is no longer the case, expect to see the US dollar fall even further.

Sadly, most of Americans don’t understand how all of this works. They don’t understand how markets in Hong Kong or decisions by government leaders effect their everyday finances and lives.

The Mangru Report” looks to change all of that. In this show we will present seemingly complex financial issues in a way that is easy to understand and identifiable to all, yet sophisticated enough to be enjoyed by Wall Street pros as well.

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