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A Tribute To Our Veterans… By Dan Mangru November 11, 2010

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For some today is just another federal holiday.  It’s a day where you don’t get your mail and your local bank is closed for business.  Maybe you might have off from work.

But for a day that comes around every year comes a meaning that is truly different and unique every single time.

Many tributes to our brave men and women who serve and have served in the armed forces will focus on their courage, dedication, and service to America and the causes of freedom, justice, and liberty… and rightfully so.

For over 230 years brave soldiers have entered the field of combat fighting for causes that they believed to be much higher than themselves: God, country, family, freedom, justice, & each other.

It is the idea that the next day will be a better day than the last and the next generation will be better than ours that motivates our service men and women to do everything in their power to preserve the freedom that so many gave their lives for.  It is the idea that there is something uniquely brilliant about America that like a Phoenix she can rise from the ashes and become a shining beacon of hope and freedom.

Yet for so many of us it is easy to allow the sacrifices of our military to be taken in vain.

Many times we seek to blame others for our shortcomings.  Many times we believe that we are entitled to things which we have not earned.  Many times we take the very freedom that we live in for granted.

The easiest way to take freedom for granted is to waste the myriad of opportunities that we have in America.  Our land is one of the few in the world where you can rise to any level of success regardless of where you were born, the color of your skin, or what socioeconomic background you have.  That is so easy to forget in a land where it has always been that way for so many of us.

While the people of America are not perfect, we must all remember that the ideals and values of America are, and it is those perfect values that we try and implement into our lives and our country everyday.

So the best tribute we can give to our troops and those who serve us is to do something.  Make your life worthwhile.  Raise your children to have values and to respect America.  Give back to your community.

It is not lost that these are tough times that we live in.  Many are out of work and struggling to make ends meet.

While this environment has been tough for many Americans, let us not forget that we have the freedom of opportunity to rise above our current circumstances.

If you don’t have a job you can freely seek one in any field and any company you’d like.  If there’s not a job match for you amongst existing companies, then make your own company and employ yourself.

America has always been a land of innovators, creators, and visionaries.  It is that heritage that has always kept us on the cutting edge of technology and has propelled us to be the greatest nation on God’s good green earth.

The men and women who fight for us everyday want to know that we are also fighting.  They want to know that we plan on doing something special with our lives.  They want to know that by preserving the freedom of America, that our generations will be able to achieve the feats both great and small to advance the monumental odyssey that is progress.

They want to know that there is an American out there who will find a cure for infectious diseases.  They want to know that there is an American out there who will create technology to help people stay in touch.  They want to know that there is an American out there who makes an honest living, and values family.

We can all pay tribute to those put their lives on the line for us in our own special way, but no matter how we do it, let us show it with the quality of our lives and with our actions.  Let us always make good use of the freedoms and opportunities that we enjoy as Americans. We must show them America and it’s principles are worth fighting for, worth dying for, because we all fighting home and broad for the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.  And don’t you ever forget it.

God Bless America,

Dan Mangru
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

Flotilla 51, District 7

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