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The Mangru Moment – Dan Mangru on 9/11 and Remembering the Victims – The Mangru Report on Fox Business September 12, 2010

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So many times in the media, it is the attackers who get all of the press and attention and never the victims.  In this important edition of The Mangru Moment, watch Dan Mangru discuss why it’s important that we get to know the names and faces of those who we lost on 9/11.  For so many people 9/11 is an intensely personal tragedy, yet for many others 9/11 has become a far too distant memory.  That is why it is important for all of us to be able to put a name, a face, a life story on 9/11.  It has to hit us all personally in order for us to never forget and always remember.

Also to find out more about the victims of 9/11 CLICK HERE NOW  to visit Legacy.com’s 9/11 Tribute.

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