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The Mangru Moment – Episode 9 – The Mangru Report July 19, 2010

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If you’ve ever wondered who’s behind the Cap-And-Trade Agenda, this is a video that you have to watch.  Watch Dan Mangru’s revealing “Mangru Moment”  about Franklin Raines from Episode 9 of The Mangru Report.

It appears that while he was the CEO of Fannie Mae Franklin Raines developed a system for the trading residential carbon emissions, or what we now know as Cap-and-Trade.  Since he was working for Fannie Mae, technically Fannie Mae owned the patent to the Cap-and-Trade system.  But after Raines shamefully resigned his post he filed a second patent application which superceded the first one, and give him and his partners the sole patent on Cap-and-Trade and removed any claims to the patent by Fannie Mae’s or the taxpayers.

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