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Regulation Nation – Episode 11 – The Mangru Report July 15, 2010

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Does it ever seem to you that the government’s answer to every problem is more regulation.  Well then my friend, you must live in a Regulation Nation.  In the Regulation Nation segment from Episode 11, the Mangru Report Panel of Experts composed of Armand Grossman (Florida Atlantic University), Lexye Aversa (Professional Touch International), Anthony Pulieri (United Bullion Group), and John Browne (Euro-Pacific Capital) discuss the prevalence of new IPOs in the stock market (Tesla Motors, Primerica, Vera Bradley, Toys R Us)  in spite of the financial reform bill. While some look at it as a positive sign for the market, other experts say it might be companies trying to cash out before the next crash comes.  Find out this and more on Episode 11’s Regulation Nation segment which was brought to you by The James R. Whelan Agency, “The Most Powerful Name in Advertising”.

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